• Clinical Summary Development Process

    Clinical Summaries synthesize evidence-based information about classification, screening, examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention for specific conditions in specific patient populations.

    Current Clinical Summary topics have been generated by APTA sections in collaboration with the PTNow Editorial Board. Topics also may be nominated by individual physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, students, and other constituent groups.

    Proposed topics are reviewed by the PTNow co-chairs and Editorial Board for timely inclusion based on concurrent project development within the site. When a topic is approved, PTNow identifies and invites an author or author group based on content expertise and recommendations from the field. Individuals may nominate themselves for consideration as authors or reviewers for the topics they generate.

    Each Clinical Summary is reviewed by content experts, an associate editor, and an editor, with the focus on identifying "need-to-know" information for busy clinicians. Because one of the key benefits of the PTNow Clinical Summary format is the ability to connect users with the rich resources available for the topic (eg, tests, demonstration videos, imaging, vetted websites), physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in the field may be asked to contribute supplemental information to the summaries.

    Clinical Summaries are periodically reviewed and updated to keep current with the latest evidence.

    View Clinical Summary topics that have already been generated or are currently in development. Questions? Contact PTNow@apta.org.

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