• PTNow Project History

    First launched as a beta site in October 2011, the PTNow development process began in 2008, in response to member needs identified by the APTA Board of Directors and House of Delegates.

    2008: APTA began exploring "portal" technology as a way to meet many of the challenges identified via APTA's strategic planning process, including helping members use existing knowledge, create new knowledge, and improve practice behaviors based on evidence.

    2009: APTA selected Enforme Interactive to help develop a portal site. 

    2010: Enforme conducted detailed interviews with APTA members and webinar meetings with APTA sections to determine functional requirements for PTNow. Development commenced, and APTA forged partnerships with sites like PEDro and StrokEngine, among others.

    2011: Content and site development continued, in collaboration with APTA sections. The beta version of PTNow was made available for member review in October, with the explicit purpose of gathering feedback on a small sampling of clinical summaries and other features like the search, interactive communities, and more.

    2012: APTA continued developing and adding new content as PTNow remained in beta testing.

    2013: PTNow officially launched, moving out of beta stage. In response to member needs related to functional limitation reporting requirements, PTNow worked with section EDGE taskforces and other groups to identify and obtain tests and measures for use in functional limitation reporting. Video content was added to many Tests & Measures. Refinements to search functionality and site organization were made. An independent site usability study was conducted, and a baseline clinician behavior measurement study was completed to allow APTA to conduct ongoing measurement of PTNow's impact on the use of evidence in patient care.

    2014: APTA modified and added new features, including ArticleSearch (formerly Open Door) and the PTNow Blog.

    2015: APTA reviewed PTNow to see how well it's working for members and to determine future directions.

    2016: Building on the strong foundation developed over the past 5 years, APTA continues to explore opportunities for evidence-based resources for clinicians of the future. Provide feedback at ptnow@apta.org.

    The Role of APTA Section Portal Teams

    PTNow is a collaborative effort between the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and APTA sections. Each APTA section was asked to appoint a section portal team. Portal teams were established by:

    Teams typically include members who are recognized within the section as having expertise in implementation of evidence or knowledge translation in the section's content areas and an understanding of issues in evidence-based practice. Some portal team members also serve on EDGE taskforces, section teams that are developing clinical practice guidelines, or other initiatives that eventually will "feed into" portal content.


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